Texte über albrecht/d. (D/E)


E. Wurster in Südwestfunk „Prisma“ über „ZEN for a fish“

The following text by Werner F. Bonin was published in „Contempary Artists“ by Colin Naylor and Genesis P-Orridge (editors), St. James Press London 1977:

Albrecht D began practicing art in about 1961 with poster layout, collages both with objects and plastic materials utilizing shards of glass and foil. Albrecht D acknowledges opera and drama as decisive influence, particularly Richard Wagner and his pre-Schwitters idea of Total Art-Work, when he expounded the way which led to his conceived and realized actions (Change of Space and Surroundings). Further important meetings led to dada and the thought and art forms of East Asia: from these arose contact with fluxus.
Albrecht D works with different media: from his musical experiments (since 1969)”endless music” developed: the largely self-made instruments are modelled on asiatic-oceanic instruments, and in its context also the music has reference to far-east meditational goals. Other musical events were staged beside endless music, the high point of these demonstrations being a recent performance with Beuys (London 1974).

In design Albrecht D dispalys a preoccupation with the dominant problems of the Third World. Further themes are methods of transmitting art (e.g. the concept of “documenta 6” which was placed before documenta 5 in the form of a video tape) and manipulations in the socio-economic sphere of the Bundesrepublik.

From 1968 to 1971 Albrecht D worked on environments, amongst which photographs and collages were essentials materials; from this work arose the further development of the ensemble out of DIN-A-4 photographic paper sewn together with bookbinder’s thread showing documentary newspaper cuttings, photographs and photocopies. Albrecht D particularly cultivates the specific possibilities of the photocopy (both black-and-white and coloured, differentiated shading, dissimilar contouring etc.) and consequently includes the photocopy as an artistic medium. In 1971 Albrecht D together with Wolf Vostell and Gunter Saree (died 1973) founded the Independent Olympic Committee, whose aim was to show, in an ideologically critical manner, how sportsmen and spectators become the sacrifices of “Sport”.

The ‘reflection press’ which Albrecht D founded, can be understood as a complex art form, a model publishing house which serves uniformly as a centre for the production and distribution of art, his own and his colleagues’. As at the end of 1976 there are in west Germany about 200 self-proclaimed alternative publishing houses which claim to offer alternatives to the established book- and art-dealers, alternatives of content, presentation and distribution. However, most of the products of these publishers imitate in their differing inaccessibility ‘proper’ books, whereas ‘reflection press’ investigates the prospects of the alternative (for example photocopies, rubber-stamp printing, manual revision etc.). Often the finished article is both a multiple and  aunique work.

– Werner F. Bonin

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