Far East And Out

In 2016 Dead Mind Records published the Album „Far East And Out“ exclusively providing previously unreleased recordings by Albrecht/d.

Johnny van de Koolwijk wrote on the history of this record:

„My friend Jan van Toorn from Slowscan was in contact with Albrecht/d in the early 90’s. In 1994 Jan published a Fluxus cassette box including one of his pieces. In addition to this Albrecht send a master cassette for another project. I believe these pieces were recorded in 90 or 91 and judging from the recordings it seems like it was recorded pretty fast, in just one session. Maybe they were supposed to be edited. Most likely it was planned to be published as a solo cassette release. But then Slowscan was put on hold for 6 years mainly due to health issues so Jan and Albrecht/d. lost touch. The tape remained in the ‘upcoming releases’ section of the vast Slowscan archive before it got lost between 2 shelves. It was found again only in 2016 – three years after Albrecht/d.’s death.  

By this time I was helping out Jan with his label as he was active again (and still is). I asked him about the tape but he couldn’t remember any details an there was no written correspondence either which could help. Having had paused several years he was busy with various other projects and he could not confirm any release date for this one. So I asked him if I could publish it. Since the tape was too long for an LP we sat down and edited, mixed and mastered it into usable pieces. The title was written on the tape by Albrecht, but there was no additional info or artwork provided. So I scanned the title for the LP and Jan provided some artwork he saw fitting. Unfortunately we did not manage to find further information and we did not want to add any guesses or fake information. So the recording speaks for itself.“

Since there was no further description or information on the sessions Johnny van de Koolwijk referred to the music as „real endless music“. From the date of recording the sessions would fit into Albrecht/d.s „Abstract Energy“ activities.